•  Routine Animal Care   
During our initial meeting we will decide together how many visits will be needed for the proper care of your pet. Most routine visits last about 20-30 minutes during which fresh food and water are provided. Litter boxes are maintained daily and all animal waste is dealt with as necessary. A daily log will be kept, detailing all activities performed. At All Creatures we believe that play and socialization are an integral part of any healthy pet’s life. We spend as much time interacting with your pet as possible. If time allows, we will take him or her for short walks at no additional charge.
•  Walks   
Extended walks are a recommended addition to our routine animal care plan. Longer walks are especially important for younger dogs and those coming from more energetic breeds. A walk only service is also available.
•  Farm/Livestock Care   
All Creatures is prepared to handle your farm care needs. We will be happy to care for any type of livestock you may be raising. From chickens to race horses, we’re up for the challenge.   
•  Boarding
All Creatures is not a kennel nor is it run like a typical boarding facility. We believe that pets are members of the family, so when you leave your pet with us we treat him or her as a member of our family. All of our animal guests are required to provide up to date vaccination records and health certification. We do our very best to ensure that there are no fleas, no kennel cough, and no stresses. We only admit 1 to 2 horses for boarding at a time. Our cat room is available for 1 family’s cats at a time. For 1 family of dogs we have a 20x20 dog run complete with a 2 room fully insulated dog house. There is also a pen set up in the garage for puppies or smaller breeds.
•  Transportation   
For help getting to veterinary appointments, professional groomers, etc.
•  Bathing   
We offer great rates on baths here at All Creatures. Full body clips are also available.
•  Field Trips   
During summer months we try to schedule field trips to the river or the park. If you are interested in this service we can notify you of upcoming outings.


•  Plant care   
Watering plants is typically a free service. If there is a large amount of property or plants to be cared for, a nominal fee will be discussed.                            
•  Mail   
Newspaper and mail retrieval are complimentary.
•  Garbage cans   
Refuse receptacles can be taken to the curb and/or put away per your instruction. There is no charge for this service.
•  Grocery shopping   
The last thing anyone wants to do after a long flight is stop by the grocery store for fresh milk, etc. Leave us a list and leave it to us.
•  Housekeeping   
We are happy to assist you with the chores you didn’t get to before your trip. Just provide us with a detailed list of what you want done and the location of supplies needed – we’ll do the rest.
•  Yard maintenance