Initial consultation Free Meet your pet sitter
1 visit for up to 3 house pets $20.00 Pertains to pets living inside
2 visits $30.00 Two 20 minute visits daily
3 visits $40.00 Three 20 minute visits daily
Additional pets Negotiable Typically no charge
Extended visits $20.00 per hour Additional time for special care
Dog walk only $15.00 10-20 minute walk
Walk with service $5.00 Walk in addition to care
Overnight visits $75.00 Per night
Watering Typically free Dependent upon your needs
Mail Free From your box to your table
Garbage Free Taking cans in or out
Mileage $2.50 per mile 1-way, applicable after 10 miles
Horse $30.00 Per day plus feed  
Dog $30.00 Daily, plus feed
Doggie daycare $10-$25 Dependent on time required
Cat $17.50 Daily, plus feed and litter
Equine care Negotiable Typically same $ per visit as pets
Livestock care $20.00 Feeding and watering large animals
Farm care $25.00 per hour Stall cleaning, fence repair, etc
Dispensing of Medications Negotiable Pricing available upon request
Veterinary emergency $20.00 per hour Plus vet fees
Transportation Negotiable Dependent on the time required
Bathing Negotiable Based on pet and temperament
Full body clipping Negotiable Based on pet and temperament
Photography Negotiable Depends on service
Housekeeping $15.00 per hour Plus cleaning supplies
Yard care $25.00 per hour Routine maintenance
Pool service Negotiable Depends on needs